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Wo die Wellenschrift endet

"The BABEL volume is not only a sensitive homage and birthday gift to Wolfgang Bächler, but also a valuable introduction to the work of a truly remarkable author." (World Literature Today 74/4 2000)

A selection of work by the poet Wolfgang Bächler (1925-2007), spanning fifty years and including three previously unpublished poems.

Printed by offset lithography; format: 21.5 x 15.5 cm; sewn. 1,000 copies, of which 75 were bound by hand in full buckram and numbered, and signed by the poet.

Wolfgang Bächler, WO DIE WELLENSCHRIFT ENDET (German only)   ISBN 978-3-931798-16-1    £ 14

WO DIE WELLENSCHRIFT ENDET special: full cloth, signed, numbered (1-75)    £ 88

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