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Hoffnung klar umrissen

"Robert Creeley's poetry is as basic and necessary as the air we breathe, as hospitable, plain and open as our continent itself. He is about the best we have." John Ashbery

Hoffnung klar umrissen contains 30 short poems selected from five decades of work by Robert Creeley (1926-2005), translated and with an afterword by K.A. Perryman.

This is the first volume in a new series of bilingual collections devoted to contemporary poetry, called Die weiße Reihe (the white series).

Hoffnung klar umrissen was set in Garamond and printed by offset lithography by Dinauer GmbH, Puchheim, on 120gsm off-white wood-free paper. Format: 24 x 17.5 cm; 84pp.; 1,000 copies. The book is sewn, with a 240gsm wrap-around wood-free paper cover (Munken Pure Design Card) printed in two colours.

75 numbered specials (including the printed list of subscribers) contain an original etching by Vroni Schwegler, also limited to 75 numbered copies, signed by the artist.

Robert Creeley HOFFNUNG KLAR UMRISSEN (bilingual)   ISBN 978-3-931798-30-7    £ 18

HOFFNUNG KLAR UMRISSEN special: numbered (1-75) with signed, numbered (1-75) etching by V. Schwegler   £ 98

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