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An Arrival of Light

An unpublished poem to celebrate the poetís 80th birthday in 2017, the fourth pamphlet in our Bright Series, which was originally started to celebrate BABELís 30th birthday. Now we are older, too.

An Arrival of Light was set by hand in Stempel Garamond and printed (letterpress) by Brikettpresse, Munich, on a single sheet of 100gsm wood-free Salzer paper (folded once, 27,9 x 17,6 cm, and hand-sewn into 270gsm ivory-coloured card wrappers) in an edition of 126 copies, of which 26 are lettered (A-Z) and signed by the poet.

Robin Fulton Macpherson    An Arrival of Light    £ 12

An Arrival of Light special, signed and numbered (A-Z)    £ 33

cf.   BABEL XIV   and   BABEL XII  

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