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Eight Lives Ago   /   Vor acht Leben

A new and rather special poetry collection by Anne Beresford, a selection of recent work containing eight poems, of which six have never been printed, not even in English, and four original two- to three-colour prints by Alexandra Frohloff, all pulled from the original blocks. 50 numbered specials also contain a three-colour frontispiece and are signed by poet and artist.

Anne Beresford (born in 1928 in Redhill, Surrey) has published 13 collections of poetry to date. Her musical, magical poems have something of the quality of fairy tales, which are quite happy to contradict themselves. What seems to start as a description of a landscape or a reminiscence subtly changes key to become a magic incantation with the inescapable intensity of a spell.

Alexandra Frohloff (born in 1978 in Wurzen, Saxony) lives in Vreden as a print-maker. Her work combines radically different techniques. Lino or wood blocks are printed over prints pulled from specially prepared zinc or polymer plates, resulting in a remarkable collagraphic combination of taut rough surfaces, filigree forms and restrained glazes. Frohloff has had several one-man shows and her work has been introduced to a wider audience in various publications on the continent.

I think Frohloff’s artwork is superb and makes for a refreshing change. There is a curious juxtaposition in her work, in that her pieces tend to be quite ‘dark’ yet without conveying gloom. I find them rather like the Cornish landscape; somewhat bleak and harshly textured, yet peculiarly beautiful. To me Frohloff’s illustrations suggest, without resorting to identifiable imagery, the natural world in one way or another ... a visual feast” (Mark Askam, The Chestnut Press)

Eight Lives Ago / Vor acht Leben was set by hand in Typoart Garamond and printed (letterpress) by Thomas Siemon of carpe plumbum in Leipzig on 120gsm Munken Pure. 36pp.; format: 24 x 17 cm; hand-sewn in green Zaansch Bord wrappers. The pure rag paper for the wrappers was made (using only discarded clothes) in the last working paper windmill in the world, De Schoolmeester, in Westzaan, the Netherlands – without chemicals, dyes or size.

Anne Beresford & Alexandra Frohloff    Eight Lives Ago / Vor acht Leben    ISBN 978-3-931798-44-4    £ 58

Eight Lives Ago / Vor acht Leben special, signed, numbered (1-50) with an extra print by Alexandra Frohloff    £ 128

BABEL can offer collectors a paper-backed solander box containing a suite of eight original signed and numbered prints by Alexandra Frohloff inspired by poems by Anne Beresford from this collection. These prints were pulled by the artist in an edition of ten. The box also contains a signed, numbered copy of the book. — Details and price available on request.

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