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Winter Love

Anne Beresford (born in 1928) published her first poetry collection in 1967. Her Collected Poems 1967-2006 appeared in 2006. Her seemingly simple work is musical and haunting. Winter Love has not been published previously.

    cows lament the changing light

    My cold fingers
    write you messages

    When night falls
    a pheasant squawks from marshy grass
    owls call in outer space

Set by hand in Janson and printed (letterpress) by Andreas Opperer, Rosenheim, on a single sheet of 120gsm Hahnemühle Natural-Line (folded once, 25,8 x 17,2 cm, and hand-sewn into light grey 200gsm Fedrigoni Tintoretto Melange wrappers) in an edition of 126 copies, of which 26 are lettered (A-Z) and signed by the poet.

Anne Beresford, Winter Love    £ 12

Winter Love special, signed and numbered (A-Z)    £ 33

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