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Koditon ajatus

Ein obdachloser Gedanke

True to its principle of not publishing translations wthout the original, BABEL recently brought out the first volume of this great Finnish poet's work in Germany with the original Finnish - a handsome bilingual edition in our new White Series, but we don't imagine anyone in the UK will want it.

Uniform with R.S. Thomas' Steinzwitschern and Robert Creeley's Hoffnung klar umrissen.

75 numbered specials (including the printed list of subscribers) contain an original etching by Vroni Schwegler, also limited to 75 copies numbered and signed by the artist.

Pentti Holappa, KODITON AJATUS / EIN OBDACHLOSER GEDANKE (Finnish/German)    ISBN 978-3-931798-31-4    £ 22

KODITON AJATUS special: numbered (1-75) with signed, numbered (1-75) etching by V. Schwegler    £ 135

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