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"[A] handsome book of new poems ... Frieze is tough, humorous and relaxed by turns." (Poetry Wales)

"impressive ... The thirty poems are elegantly printed in a limited edition." (New Welsh Review)

"The setting is sensitive to the requirements of each poem and the softbound edition's printed Fabriano jacket is a pleasure to handle without any pretensions beyond tasteful simplicity." (Planet)

A collection of 30 poems by R. S. Thomas, set in Monotype Bodoni and printed by letterpress at the Stamperia Valdonega, Verona, on off-white deckle-edged Magnani acid-free rag paper, the front matter set by hand, the title page printed in blue and black; 24.5 x 16.6 cm, 48 pp., sewn.

The edition is limited to 500 copies, of which 100 are numbered and signed by the poet, and bound by hand (1-20 in full black morocco, gold blocked; 21-100 in half black buckram over dark blue boards, front cover blocked in black); 400 are softbound, with a light grey Fabriano wrap-around jacket printed in blue and black.

R. S. Thomas, FRIEZE (English only)    soft-bound   ISBN 3-931798-03-8     — out of print

cf.   The Bright Field / Das helle Feld,   Decidious Language / Laubbaum Sprache,   Charity's Scarecrow / Die Vogelscheuche Nächstenliebe,   With Claws of Fire / Mit Fängen aus Feuer,   Das Kreuz,   The Cross,   The Sky-Rhyming Child / Das himmelreimende Kind,   In Delicate Nooses / In zierlichen Schlingen,   Stone Twittering / Steinzwitschern   and   Dove-Marks on Stone

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